Our lady needs a new hat in 2015/2015 and we need your help.

We knew the roof was going to have to be replaced but had hoped to delay it a little longer to raise some money.  This spring, the insurance company said it was time.  We retained the services of Todd Hahn Construction, of Riverside, due to the fact that he had a great reputation and was certified in preservation which is a benefit in obtaining grants.  The bid is $96,000 and work will begin in September.

We were very fortunate to be able to acquire 3 grants totaling $40,000.  They were as follows:  $5,000 from the Keokuk County Endowment Fund, $10,000 from the Riverside Casino Foundation and $25,000 from the State of Iowa Historical Society.  Keokuk County State Bank was gracious enough to extend a loan, not to exceed $65,000.

PLEASE HELP US IF YOU CAN!  Our members have always come through when needed and this should complete the structural preservation of the church for many years to come.

You can mail your contributions, including annual contributions to:

Ss. Peter & Paul
Clear Creek Heritage Association
30832 242nd St.
Harper, IA 52231

Donations are always appreciated and are used to assist in the upkeep of this historical building.  Donations to Ss Peter and Paul Heritage group can be placed in the box in the church entry way.  Receipts for donations will be provided upon request.